Kev's Vegan Blog
Kev's Vegan Blog

The idea of Kev’s Vegan Blog started as a bit of a joke: we were working on developing the QUID payment processing service and my co-founder Mo made up the name Kev’s Vegan Blog. This soon became our go-to example of a site that could use the QUID service to charge pennies for access to individual recipes and blog posts. When it came time to build a site to demonstrate QUID this was the obvious place to start!

This site is built using Squarespace, which is a great platform for quickly building websites and, although it might not be the first blogging platform that people think of, it works well for blogging. And it’s easy to add the QUID donation button to a page or post. Learn how I did it.

I’ve been a vegetarian for 30 years and love to cook for my family. We’re not vegan, but some of our favourite meals are.

…and I have always loved to take a joke too far so now we have Kev’s Vegan Blog, which will be used to showcase the QUID payment service and some of my family’s favourite recipes.


The following Tip button is using the new QUID web buttons feature: